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  Huzhou Tianshi Glass Company was established in 1994 at the location of Huzhou city near Taihu Lake. Huzhou Tianshi is the leading glass processor and provider of processed glass which is applies to  Lighting industry, Home appliance industry and special industrial applications.
With over 20 years experience and development in the industry, the company now is becoming the most diverse company with high competence in glass production, processing, researching and development. The company has been dealing with several R&D projects at national and provincial level like: 300,000 sq.m. Capacity of special toughening production line for lighting lamp cover, Researching on Technology and equipment for toughening super-thin glass under Innovation program of Ministry of Science and Technology of China and other provincial level projects. The company is also certified as the cooperation base of testing and researching for Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Designing and Researching Institute.
The company is proud of his strong and high efficient team of talented technical and management staffs as well as the skilful and innovative workers, also the company possess a full range of up-to date glass processing equipments including toughening production line, special tempering line for lighting application, tempering line for super-thin glass, tempering line for curving shape glass for road lamp cover, bending glass production line, chemical toughening line, CNC cutting machine, CNC hydra cutter, grinding machine, polisher; we also have strong testing equipment special for lighting and home appliance application like: heat-soak oven, lighting/transmission analyzer, impact /mechanical instrument, bending strength and stress instrument.
The company can process and provide wide spectral of products range with thickness of 2.5 -- 35mm, dimension of 15 * 15mm to 3660 * 2440mm, and chemical toughening less than 3mm. In addition to supply processed normal float glass, the company also cooperated with famous special glass manufacturers to sales glass ceramic and borosilicate glass to lighting, home appliance and special industrial applications.
The mission of “satisfy customer with best quality” is highly shared by the company and all its staffs to deliver the high quality products and service as well as the commitment to environment. All the products are produced and managed in conform to ISO9000 system and meet the requirement of RoHS. The company is highly recognized as the quality glass maker and solution provider by customers in US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, India and other countries. Also the company is certified by world famous lighting brand as the “quality supplier”.
As the market leader, we are dedicating to provide quality products and customaries solution to meet the special needs of customer; we would like to cooperate with our client to deliver the commitment to the environment, sustainable development of the society.